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Videographer in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. We own drones for aerial videos. Working for local and international companies in Spain and worldwide.

Our services also includes full creativity, edition and for example, original music if needed. We produce commercials, video marketing, aftermovies, events, shows, films, corporate videos, etc.

Videographer with drones

We could make legal drones audiovisual flights for all Spain. This video is our Showreel. It’s been made with our last works selected aerial shots.

Drones SHOWREEL video

Our visual aesthetic

We love to use the advanced lighting chiaroscuro, because it brings volume and narrative to the videos. Then, our work stands out for the narrative use of light (whenever the project allows it) and the cinematic treatment. We can create cinematic atmospheres using visual storytelling and lighting to effectively convey the message.

Corporate video for Glander International Bunkering
Special video for Preffor
Special event video for MR GAY ESPAÑA
Corporate video for Bellido

Equipment and projects size

We could film since a very small video to a very big event video. You can use it for social networks, web sites, streaming platforms, TV channels… It doesn’t matter, because we use the equipment according to your project size.

For example, our main camera is one of the cameras that Netflix approve to produce quality content for them.

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Business photographer

Business photographer based in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. We work for local and international companies in Spain and worldwide.

It’s true that the managers and employees of a company can go to a photographic studio to get necessary photographs, but sure it is more comfortable, and more economical, that the photographer with “the photographic studio” go to the company place.

And that’s what we do, we travel to the companies place with the entire equipment, when that is the most efficient movement.

Business photographer at your place

The studio photography is highly valued, with good reason, but lighting setup must be mastered above all. Then, shooting the photo is easier, but without a good light setup, there will be no good photo.

For example, there are many companies that need professional profile photographs of all their employees and managers. Surely for your website, social networks, printed documents, etc. The fact is that many times moving employees to a studio is usually difficult. Because not all employees live near the studio, and the studio is hardly located next to the company. Well, even if the studio is near, or all the employees live next to a studio, it remains to be seen if is the most advisable studio.

We go to the company to make studio photoshoot

Well, that’s what we do, we go with the entire equipment to the company. We bring necessary photographic backgrounds, and of course we bring all lighting and camera equipment necessary to obtain the photos.

And be careful, there is no difference between photos taken in the studio and those taken in the company. Secret is to master the lighting, and that is the first thing we do when we arrive at a company. So the result is the same as in our studio.

And while it, we could take company photos

If you are in the company taking professional studio photos of employees and managers, then, you can take advantage of it to take photos around the facilities. They are photos just as in demand, but they do not require going with a “photographic studio” in tow. They are easier to shoot, although studio lighting is also used to support any natural and/or artificial light that may exist.

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Filmmaker Barcelona

Filmmaker and videographer in Barcelona. We offer our complete video recording and editing services (including the option of using drones to reach unique and exclusive points of view) for local and foreign companies in Barcelona and nearby areas.

Our Netflix approved cameras

We use professional equipment according to the project size. Our main camera is one of the cameras approved by streaming platforms like Netflix to produce quality content. In any case we use the appropriate equipment for each production.

We make personalized videos and films that we provide with a good dose of visual narrative so that they reach our clients‘ viewers and potential clients and thus achieve their goal.

Among projects we carry out are music films, commercials and ads, aftermovies, video marketing, special videos, documentaries, corporate films, reports, etc. All of them can include as an option images captured with our drones. We own legal and safe drone flights.

Corporate video for Glander International Bunkering

Aftermovie of Pride 2023 main event MR GAY ESPAÑA
Special film we’ve filmed for Preffor

Music Film “30 Minutos” for Dares

Corporate video que have filmed for Clínica Dental Bellido

Filmmaker in Barcelona with drones

We make complete audiovisual flights with drones within the law. We have all the certifications necessary to fly our drones legally in Spanish territory.

Our drone SHOWREEL

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