Audiovisual Production

Audiovisual Producer

Audiovisual producer based in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. We shoot and edit films. Filmmakers, videographers and photographers. We make film productions such as feature films, music films, documentaries, etc. (Accede a nuestro sitio web en Español)

This means that we can work with video equipment but also with professional cinema equipment such cameras and lenses.

Cinematic Treatment

Our works with equipment and video treatments have —or may have— a lot of cinema mood. Why? Because we have acquired over the years the knowledge and experience in cinema lighting, art design and camera equipment. So, applying this knowledge also in the world of video and photography, we can obtain really interesting images.

MR GAY SPAIN Aftermovie film

Audiovisual producer company in Valencia

We produce audiovisual pieces, both in video and in cinema, such as documentaries, films, shorts, spots, advertisements, etc.

Below we describe our services in terms of audiovisual productions with some examples.


Movies, short films and all those projects that include fiction.

Ads & Commercials

From nothing to delivering the finished work. Spots and cinematographic and video commercials to be projected in cinemas, televisions and platforms.


Documentary Films

The genre of documentaries with cinematographic treatment, equipment and philosophy from start to finish is also one of our services.

Shot in 4k ans Anamorphic Widescreen +info

Music Films

Music films are surely the most demanded audiovisual work. That is why you have to pay special attention and a lot of affection.

Music Film “30 minutos”

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