Audiovisual Producer

We produce films and movies with video and cinematic gear. Included edition, color grading, voice over, original music composing, etc.

We use professional equipment and techniques from cinema and audiovisuals. For example, our main camera is one of the approved by streaming platforms like Netflix to produce content. This means that our works are suitable to be played in cinemas, TV channels, websites, streaming platforms, etc.

Cinematic look and texture

It is not necessary to make a film to have a cinematic look and texture in audiovisual projects. The secret of the cinematic look is not in the actors or large sets. The secret is mainly in the camera and its use, in camera settings, in lighting and in the relative position of all these elements.

Documentary Film Teaser

Ads and Commercials

We create and design advertising spots and complete advertisements; from the idea to the delivered work. Here more than in other projects, the visual narrative is important to transmit the correct message to the future client with the images.

Ads & commercials

Corporate Films

We make corporate videos with all our style, taking care of the visual aspect and adding the visual narrative so that the message and the soul of the company reach clients or potential clients perfectly.

Corporate videos and films

Drone Films

We have a drone and a pilot to include drone flights in our audiovisual productions. We also manage the necessary permits and authorizations. Expand information.

Audiovisual Drone Services

Cinema & Movies

Fiction is perhaps the most interesting part of audiovisual production. From nothing, from a simple idea, we make a film. Do you have a story to tell?

Part of the documentary “Records. Carles Ruiz”.

Documentary Films

We produce, direct and write ALEMARÍA, a ‘real-facts’ documentary that tells the story of Alejandro Justiniano, a renowned economist in the United States who committed suicide in 2018. Extensive information here.

Documentary Films

Music Films

Undoubtedly one of the categories within the most demanded audiovisual production. You can get more information about how we make video clips, or music films here.

Music Films

All pictures and films on this website are originals from EL CLAROSCURO, and are copyrighted.
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