Business Photographer & Videographer

International Business photographer and videographer for local and international companies. We’re based in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. Contact us here.

Headshots with solid background

Profile photos with solid backdrops like white, black or colored.

Corporate Films

Our corporate videos are videos that communicate, show and teach the values ​​and people of a company. They are audiovisual pieces that transmit messages and ideas from companies to their clients and potential clients.

Corporate Documentary Film Teaser

Corporate video fully shoot in Norway for Glander International Bunkering

Cinematic corporate Film we’ve done for Clinica Dental Bellido

Profile photography

Slightly more artistic study sessions (held in the studio or at the company facilities) ideal for networks such as LinkedIn, websites and social networks in general.

Custom Corporate Photography

Photo shootings (with optional video) ideal for social networks, professional websites and personal brands. They help explain a profession or understand workflows and processes.


We know, much videos could be used as videomarketing, but the king in the videomarketing strategy is to talk directly to your potential costumers. It’s effective and relatively easy to produce. Well, we can do videos more complicated, but this is an easy example.

Film for videomarketing purposes

Special Films

In the example, aftermovie and photographs of the transport of a pedestrian walkway for the company Preffor. Video originally recorded in 4K and with WIDESCREEN anamorphic lenses.

Special works Aftermovie film for Preffor.
Real state film for Grupo Aconser

Business photographer for managers

Individual and/or group photographs for companies. This example deals with the directive of the cyber-security company S2 GRUPO carried out in its facilities.

Business photographer and videographer

Photo and video for commercials

Photo shootings and films intended for commercials to promote and publicize services, products or ideas.

For professional use shootings

Sometimes you could need photos for your website with you in work poses, but not in-site shots, mood photographs shot in the studio.

Events photography & video

Photography and video service for business and professional events.

All pictures and films on this website are originals from EL CLAROSCURO, and are copyrighted.
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