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Drone in Valencia

We offer the service of drone in Valencia, but we also offer it in the rest of Spain. We have the titles and official certificates to be able to carry out safe and legal flights. We have drone and pilot and we offer audiovisual services.

This is our Demo Reel video, that is, a demonstration video where you can see some of the possibilities offered by the use of the drone in aerial photography and aerial video.

Services of drone in Valencia

As can be seen in the video, the drone offers spectacular images, which, accompanied by a good and narrative camera movement and a good choice of height and position, offers unique sequences.

Demo reel of Photography and Aerial Video with drone in Valencia

Why would you need drone footage in your videos?

  • Because your video would draw attention, thereby increasing the public’s interaction with your company or product, and increasing the chances of sales.
  • Because you would show little or nothing known points of view of your products or facilities, which help to better understand the purpose of your action.
  • Because you use advanced technology to communicate with your audience, and that is leveling up, which helps you position yourself better against the competition.
Piloto de dron profesional en Valencia
Professional drone pilot in Valencia

The benefits of recording with a drone

Why are aerial images so striking? Well, because they offer us a point of view that we are not used to.

Saving some distances, it is like when we climb a tall building and see the city, or the countryside, from above. Everything changes, the world we know on the street suddenly has magic, it looks more spectacular. And we are simply changing the point of view. Because in reality everything remains the same; the city or what we are seeing, it does not change why we rise. But it does change the way we perceive it, change the point of view and change everything.

The drone shows us that the point of view from which we see things is the most important.

El Claroscuro

We have opted to offer aerial photography and aerial video services with a drone. We have the DJI Mavic 3 drone with a Hasselblad 5.1k main camera. You can get more information on the official DJI website by clicking here.

Piloto de dron profesional en Valencia
Professional drone pilot in Valencia

Aerial photography and aerial video service with drone

We include the drone as an extra in our productions, that is, if you hire us, among our teams to carry out your project we will have the drone available.

But we also rent the drone for other services outside of our productions. This means that if you need a drone (with pilot/camera operator included) you can rent ours for hours or days for other types of services such as technical inspections, agriculture, surveillance, aerial photography, other productions, etc. If so, you can expand information:

Certification and regulatory documentation for safe flights

As expected, we have all the necessary documentation, qualifications (theoretical and practical) and certifications by AESA and EASA. We are UAS (drones) operators, and therefore we have the specific certification to be able to operate drones.

But in addition, of course, we have the qualification to pilot UAS (drones) in the open category and in the specific category in both European and national standard scenarios. If you have a project in mind, contact us for more information about the procedures, areas and permits necessary to fly the drone.

Fotografía aérea para empresas con dron
Fotografía aérea para empresas con dron

Mavic 3, a drone with 2 cameras

Although in the following two points of aerial photography and aerial video we talk in detail about the drone’s camera, it is important to note that the DJI MAVIC 3 comes equipped with 2 cameras. One is the main Hasselblad camera with a 24mm field of view (focal length) and a second camera to take shorter shots from the same position. This second camera has a field of view equivalent to a 165mm telephoto lens. The combination of these two cameras in the same drone allows us to get closer to objects and people without changing the point of view one millimeter.

Vuelos con Dron en Valencia. Fotografía Aérea y Vídeo Aéreo
Drone flights in Valencia. Aerial Photography and Aerial Video

Practical example: We can fly the drone to take an aerial photo of your company, and take two photos simultaneously; one wide and one more closed (wide angle and telephoto). All this without having to lower the drone to change the camera and/or the lens.

This drone allows, without having to digitally zoom (or crop the image in post-production), to have more closed shots.

El Claroscuro

In addition, drones, when equipped with wide-angle cameras, always offer wide points of view. This drone allows, without having to digitally zoom (or crop the image in post-production), to have more closed shots. But since it also includes a wide-angle camera, it offers the possibility of having both planes.

Vuelos con Dron en Valencia. Fotografía Aérea y Vídeo Aéreo
Aerial Photography and Aerial Video in Valencia

Aerial photography with drone

Aerial photography until recently was a complex and expensive task, since either you hired a company that raised a plane equipped with cameras for it, or a helicopter equally equipped with a camera. This, in addition to being expensive for what it means to fly small planes and helicopters, requires more personnel, which makes the final product more expensive.

Aerial photography with drone by El Claroscuro
Aerial photography with drone by El Claroscuro

Now, with drones, the same can be offered but much cheaper and with fewer resources, which makes the service even cheaper. We offer aerial photography with a drone to photograph parcels, factories and industries, technical inspections, buildings, etc. Everything that can be photographed, because we raised our drone and photographed it.

In terms of image quality, we are talking about the fact that our drone, with a 20MP sensor and a size of 4/3″, gives us 20 Mb RAW photos, which is a lot of information and a lot of richness in the details. (color, sharpness, etc.) of the photo. In addition, the photographs have a size of 5280 × 2970 pixels. With this data we can also deliver high-quality images in JPG for websites, social networks, digital printing, etc.

This drone has something that other drones in its category and below do not have, and that is that we can manually adjust the diaphragm of the camera. This detail practically opens up a world for us when it comes to creativity, since by manually choosing the diaphragm, you choose a large part of the final aspect of the image.

Drone in Valencia. Aerial Photography and Aerial Video
Drone in Valencia. Aerial Photography and Aerial Video

Aerial video with drone

As in aerial photography, we also offer professional image quality thanks to the drone’s 4/3″ Hasselblad camera with 20Mp and 5.1K maximum resolution. In addition, we can work the images digitally in post-production with “freedom” since that our drone records video in D-Log 10-bit H264 and H265.

Of course, being able to manually adjust the diaphragm opens up a world of creativity. This allows us to master a high percentage of the final look of the video.

Being able to regulate the diaphragm of the camera manually allows us to dominate, in a high percentage, the final aspect of the image.

El Claroscuro

As for the movements that can be made with a drone, they are infinite since there are no roundabouts in the air, there are no paths to follow and there are no obstacles. Therefore we can draw with the drone the movements we want (whenever possible).

The most classic movements are those of traveling both in and out, dolly-zoom, orbiting an object or person, orbiting in a spiral (3D orbit) and of course approaching or moving away from objects or people with different angles and speeds, etc.

Aerial Photography and Aerial Video in Valencia with a drone. Drone flights.
Aerial Photography and Aerial Video in Valencia with a drone. Drone flights.

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