Cinematic Filmmakers

Cinematic Filmmakers means that we’re filmmakers creating audiovisual projects with cinematic value and narrative.

It means filming, recording and shooting thinking about how cinema does it. Because cinema is the art, and the perfect way, to tell stories with images. So just as the writer uses the pen to write his novel, the painter uses the brush to paint a portrait; We use cinematographic language and cinematographic techniques to tell your stories and transmit your messages visually. That is, with images.

It is not necessary to make a movie for your story or your message to have the narrative and visual value of cinema.

Cinematic Filmmaking by EL CLAROSCURO

Why Cinematic Filmmaking?

Therefore, because cinematography is the art of visually telling stories, that is, telling stories with images (those stories can also be commercial or personal messages).

And we are dedicated to telling stories and transmitting messages with images.

And for what?

To reach and impact viewers, clients and the target audience.

To do this, we use cinematographic techniques to create and construct narrative, beautiful and genuine images that capture the attention of those who observe them. That way we attract and retain their attention.

In addition, we make use of cinematographic language, visual narrative, the golden ratio or chiaroscuro; These are some of the techniques and tools we apply to tell and to enhance your story.

May the picture be worth a thousand words

For a picture to be worth a thousand words, those words have to be in visual way within the image. To do this, we use each point of each image, that is, each pixel, to send information to the viewer. That means we take advantage of all the techniques and tools at our disposal.

For example, we use color psychology, composition rules, advanced lighting techniques, visual narrative (of course), art design, camera movements, etc… All of this so that the image is worth – really – those more than a thousand words.

Dreamhack anamorphic shot

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