Drone Company in Valencia

We’re a drone company in Valencia. We work for all Spain. Aerial videography, aerial photography and aerial filmmaking. We offer professional audiovisual drone services. We’re AESA certified drones operators and pilot for film productions, audiovisual services, technical inspections, architecture, etc. We can fly into opened air areas, urban and urban into CTR spaces. Our drone is DJI Mavic 3 (European’s first certificated class drone) with Hasselblad 5.1K main camera. If we make you tick, contact us.

All these films and photos are copyrighted by EL CLAROSCURO (learn more about license and attributions here )

Aerial photography, videography and filmmaking reel with drone

Among the places where we have flown our drone is the Royal Marina of the port of Valencia, the city or Arts and Science, the Valencia’s polytechnic university, the Masía Xamandreu (located 6 kilometers from a military air base) or the bullring of Castellón (in the heart of the city). We work with an aeronautical consultancy to manage the viability and the necessary permits and authorizations for each flight.

Valencia’s Port (Marina Real)
Masía Xamandreu

AESA Certified Pilot

We are pilots and operators of UAS (drones) with official certification from the AESA (State Aviation Safety Agency). We can carry out flights in open areas, in urban areas and even in areas with CTR and ATZ air control. We have all the titles and certificates, including a radio operator, to be able to fly drones in different scenarios.

DJI Mavic 3

Aerial photo & video for companies, factories and industries.

A photograph, and video, that cannot be missing presiding over many of the companies, is the aerial photo of the factory, warehouse or facilities. We provide our drone and our knowledge in photography and cinematography so that your company has those photos and videos that are so special and unique.

Management and coordination

We also take care of managing the necessary permits and coordination to be able to carry out the flights safely and legally. Ask us in time.

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