EL CLAROSCURO, we’re an audiovisual production company based in Spain (Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona). We offer audiovisual services including drones, photography and professional filmmakers and videographers services. We work for local and international companies in Spain and worldwide.

About us and the name EL CLAROSCURO

Hi, my name is Vicente, I’m a filmmaker, photographer and drone pilot in EL CLAROSCURO. With my team, we are professionals with experience in the audiovisual sector. Contact us to learn more about our professional career and to access to our resume and personal SHOWREEL.

Among others, we have worked on 4 music films of Mónica Naranjo, which is why we put her on the cover. You can see Perdida or Doble Corazón.

El claroscuro. Photographers, filmmakers and videographers

What does mean EL CLAROSCURO?

Our name EL CLAROSCURO means chiaroscuro, and this is an advanced lighting technique initially used in classical painting (learn more). In which through the contrast of light with its shadows, penumbras and the dark areas of the scene, the volumes are shown –or hidden– with more or less intensity according to their interest. Our influencers are Rembrandt, Caravaggio and José Benlliure. All them classical painters who were masters of chiaroscuro.

The equipment

We use professional equipment and techniques used every day in the most ambitious projects. Our usual camera, for example, is approved to be used in projects for platforms like Netflix or Prime. In any case, we use the appropriate technical equipment for each project depending on its size and goals.

Our experience comes specially from cinematic movies and films, and because of this, we could apply cinematic techniques and cinematic narrative languages in our works.

Our work stands out mainly for the narrative use of light (whenever the project allows it) and the cinematic treatment. With them we impregnate almost all our works. We create cinematic atmospheres using visual storytelling and lighting to effectively convey the message.

Alexandra, a film created by ourselves, where we use lighting techniques such as chiaroscuro, or searching for aesthetic beauty with frames using the Fibonacci sequence.

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