Audiovisual Production

Audiovisual Producer

We are an audiovisual production company based in Valencia. We do both video and film works. We are filmmakers of videos and cinematographic pieces. We make film productions such as short films, feature films, music films, documentaries, etc.

This means that we can work with video equipment but also with professional cinema equipment such cameras and lenses.

El Claroscuro – Audiovisual Producer

Cinematographic Treatment

Our works with equipment and video treatments have —or may have— a lot of cinema mood. Why? Because we have acquired over the years the knowledge and experience in cinema lighting, art design and camera equipment. So, applying this knowledge also in the world of video and photography, we can obtain really interesting images.

For example, nest film is done with video equipment, but from the idea to the fully finished work, it has had a cinematographic treatment. The result, this:

An audiovisual production company in Valencia

We produce audiovisual pieces, both in video and in cinema, such as documentaries, films, shorts, spots, advertisements, etc.

Below we describe our services in terms of audiovisual productions with some examples.

Productora Audiovisual en Valencia
Claqueta de rodaje de ALEMARÍA

Our Services

All these services include: the idea, the pre-production (search for a technical and human team and the casting of actors/actresses, models, artists…), the production itself (shooting and location management), direction and production ( filmmaking) and post-production (grading, licensed music or original music, dubbing, voiceover, etc). That is to say, from nothing, or from your idea, we go all the way until we deliver the finished work.


Movies, short films and all those projects that include fiction.

Cortometraje biográfico Carles Ruiz


From nothing to delivering the finished work. Spots and cinematographic and video commercials to be projected in cinemas, televisions and platforms.


Documentary Films

The genre of documentaries with cinematographic treatment, equipment and philosophy from start to finish is also one of our services.

Teaser Documentary Alemaría (+info)

Music Films

Music films are surely the most demanded audiovisual work. That is why you have to pay special attention and a lot of affection.

Music Film “30 minutos”

Social Networks

Videos, reels, advertisements and commercials with different textures and for different purposes such as social networks and web pages.

Ad for Nelmaro


Reports for companies or individuals. Also with film or video texture. Small, or extensive, audiovisual works.

Fallas 2022 report

Reels, Fashion films y Video Books

Models, couples, actors, actresses and artists in general need to have a good reel or video-book to have more reach and more professional success. We also do these works with different styles and moods.

Mood Film & Fashion Films

If you need to see more examples, you can visit our complete gallery of videos and audiovisual productions. Click here.

Vídeos Cinematográfico de El Claroscuro Fotografía y Vïdeo

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